White Chocolate, Marshmallow and Popcorn Ghosts

Cooking & prep time: 50 mins

Makes around 10-12 ghosts depending on size


  • 180g marshmallows
  • 80g popcorn
  • 400g white chocolate


  • Lolly sticks
  • Squeezable icing
  • Chocolate chips / Currents


1. Crush the popcorn into smaller chunks. This will make it easier to fold into the marshmallows.

2. Pour marshmallows into a microwaveable bowl. On full power, melt the marshmallows for 40 seconds in microwave. You can do this in 20 second bursts to avoid burning. Once finished the marshmallows may not look melted fully, but the insides will be fluffy.

3. Stir the crushed popcorn into the marshmallows. You need to do this process quickly because the marshmallows become like glue and set very quickly.

4. Now it’s time to shape your ghosts. Wash your hands with water and don’t dry them, this will stop the mixture sticking to you. Take a handful of the marshmallow mixture and shape it around the lolly stick. Repeat this process, keeping your hands wet in between each ghost.

5. Leave to set for a minimum of 20 minutes .

6. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.

7. Once melted leave to cool slightly for 5 minutes

8. Spoon the chocolate over the marshmallow and popcorn mixture. Letting the excess chocolate fall back into the bowl. Cover each ghost with chocolate

9. Put in the fridge for a minimum of an hour. To enable the chocolate to harden.

10. Decorate your ghosts with weird and wonderful faces.

11. Your ghosts are ready to be devoured! You can put them back in the fridge if necessary, but get them out at least half an hour before serving. 

Do the kitchen dance


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