Peanut Butter & Oreo Bats

Halloween is just around the corner and while it may be a little different to normal this year. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have some fun! Prep and cook time: 5 mins Makes 16 Ingredients: One pack of Reese’s mini Peanut Butter Cups One pack of Oreo biscuits Red icing (pre-made in a tube) Method: On a large plate/board place the Reese’s Peanut Butter … Continue reading Peanut Butter & Oreo Bats

White Chocolate, Marshmallow and Popcorn Ghosts

Cooking & prep time: 50 mins Makes around 10-12 ghosts depending on size Ingredients: 180g marshmallows 80g popcorn 400g white chocolate Plus: Lolly sticks Squeezable icing Chocolate chips / Currents Method: 1. Crush the popcorn into smaller chunks. This will make it easier to fold into the marshmallows. 2. Pour marshmallows into a microwaveable bowl. On full power, melt the marshmallows for 40 seconds in … Continue reading White Chocolate, Marshmallow and Popcorn Ghosts